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Customer Event

Ryan Haver

Kimber Select

We held a customer event on Thursday, April 25, 2013 with featured guests from Kimber and Vienna Acoustics in attendance. Thanks to all for making it a wonderful time. And special thanks to those who chipped in with the Vino, Beer and Gourmet Chocolate Brownies. You now who you are. Several guests stayed until well past 11:00 PM listening to music and chatting up a storm. We plan to host a few more of these events throughout the year, so stay tuned to this website.

Beethoven Baby Grand

New Age Phono Preamplifier

Ryan Haver

Just in time for the renewed enthusiasm for analog music playback, Audio Research has recently introduced their entry level LP1, which makes high end analog playback accessible to a much larger audience. The LP1 is custom designed by the same folk who created the ARC Reference Phono 2. Typical of Audio Research, the LP1 has exceptional dynamic life with great transparency and detail. For many, this may be the first and last phono preamplifier they will ever need.

Sub-Bass Done Right!

Ryan Haver

REL Subwoofers are unmatched at interfacing with both Home Cinema and Home Music Systems. Understanding REL means understanding how a sub-bass system should perform. REL’s approach means perfect integration with any speaker system. When properly implemented REL Subwoofers provide quality low frequency extension while enhancing  both the overall soundstage presentation and system resolution. Allow us to demonstrate why adding a REL Subwoofer can provide a monumental enhancement to the musical event.